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  • Home  - Дайв-центр «Hippocampos Bali»и увлекательный подводный мир Крита -
  • About us  - Hippocampos Scuba Diving Centre in Bali, Rethimno Crete Greece -
    • Dive Center  - The diving base & dive shop of Hippocampos in Bali Crete -
    • Us  - Hello! We are Angelos and Corinne. Scuba Diving is our pasion! -
    • Eguipment  - The Scuba Diving equipment of Hippocampos Diving Centre. -
  • Scuba Diving  - (SCUBA= Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) -
    • Discover Diving  - When you Discover Scuba Diving, you discover exciting adventure, freedom and serenity. Nothing compares to the weightless exhilaration of breathing underwater. Divers find it nearly addictive!!! -
    • Training  - 5 star PADI Dive Centre. Scuba diving courses for beginners & experienced. -
    • Explorations  - Scuba diving explorations for certified divers of all Dive Organisations and Federations -
  • Dive Boat  - All dive explorations and the most of the dive courses are done by boat. -
  • Dive Sites  - Here you can see our selected dive sites. All they are reached by boat, from 5 to 20 minutes drive. -
  • Photo gallery  - All those pics are made around Bali, Crete. Sorry if the quality is not such high… I'm not a photographer... plus i had to reduce much the resolution that you can download them faster... Any way, we hope you enjoy them!!! Thanks! -
  • Bali  - Bali: Atali (or Astali) the ancient port of Axos. -
    • Bali nowadays  - Some more info and points of interest in Bali - Crete -
  • Accomodation  - Accommodation is plenty in Bali. Simple rooms, apartments, hotels, villas, houses. -
    • More info  - Find some more info here about what there is in Bali. -
  • Crete  - Welcome to Crete, the island of Zeus, Europe and their son Minoas... Crete is waiting for you to discover more you can of its beautys ...more you can because you realy need years to discover all... -
    • The island  - Read here for general information and interesting points. -
    • Legent & History  - The Legendary past of the island: more than 8.000 years of Legend and History -
  • News  -  -
  • Contact  - How to contact us: -


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